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Happy New Year we just hit 2820 members today on the DISCORD which is more active that these old forums. A nice way to end the year! As always I appreciate everyone and this community and how much its grown. Could always do more. Looking forward to hitting 3000. I started this community with Spelmo3 in 2017 simply to bring together Rainbow Six 3 players and we have expanded into many other games too but mostly with an emphasis on Tactical Gaming.

I started playing PC games in 1998 with original R6 and Duke Nukem, then RTCW, CODUO, BF, MOH and more. R6 3 I never thought I'd be playing in 2020.

Can you believe it?

We hope to continue to grow this community and keep a positive friendly atmosphere with like minded gamers from all over the world.

I will continue to advertise like crazy and get people in here to keep things alive and growing. Its a lot of work but I do it for the love. So far this is still one of the most non-toxic inviting Discords I've ever seen. Respect to everyone here for being a part of this community!

2020 will see more content like maps for instance coming to Rainbow Six 3 (next one comes out hopefully this Jan, I've been designing it for over a year now) - as I want to keep things fresh for you guys. As well as a lot more updates for Vanguard 1944. Of course, Ground Branch is also receiving updates as is Battlefield V finally coming together. Hopefully we see Ready or Not come out. Forums | |

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Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield is online with NEW content
Also Rogue Spear, Athena Sword, Iron Wrath even Vegas, SWAT 4 maps!



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