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Rainbow Six 3 R6 JUNE UPDATE NOTES Raven Shield Athena Sword Iron Wrath Rogue Spear

Rainbow Six 3 Updates
• FIRE 2019 > FIRE2020 map updated for R6 3
- I removed 75% of the forest fire and some other minor changes, it should run a lot smoother now for everyone. Its also smaller in file size.

• Cold Storm 1 and 2 are 99.9% ready after TWO YEARS of designing. Pending a few more beta tests this weekend whoever is interested.

• In case you missed it a few weeks ago we added new HD hit effects, explosions etc to the servers.

• There are still more maps coming this summer, desert map with a sandstorm weather effect that comes through, a remake of R6 Rogue Spear Covert Ops Jungle (crashed plane) mission and more.

Insurgency Sandstorm
• The game is on sale on Steam. GET IT. The dev's are working on more updates like a major AI overhaul soon and also bug fixes and optimization. … Sandstorm/

• I have just added Compound City back to the CUSTOM MAPS server there. As always more custom maps will be getting added and updated pending the map designers updates since the latest patch. I am also looking to do maps for Sandstorm including a remake of GIANTS OF KARELIA from BF4.

• Macedonia is an AWESOME new map made by fatmarrow on the servers.
• MountainPass by deerslug  has night versions now. And so does the mighty TORO by TOCAHUEVOS!
• Operation Metro and Noshrar Canals from Battlefield 3 are also back on the servers.


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Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield is online with NEW content
Also Rogue Spear, Athena Sword, Iron Wrath even Vegas, SWAT 4 maps!



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