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Question to modders. An idea to be able to boss around all teams AI

Hello, I'm new to the forum.

I've been playing swat 4 with voice recognition commands and it's very fun. I love how you can interact with AI and do lots of interesting actions.

So, I figured I could do the same with RVS and configured gavpi (and later voice attack) to use it with a build of RVS+Elite counter terror mod (I love this combination for RVS SP games and I recommend it) but it's, of course, much more limited.

My question to modders is the following. Is it possible to create a mod that has specific commands that could be mapped to specific keys so gavpi/voice attack could be used to give voice commands to AI members of other teams, not necessarily the team you are currently "using"?

For example I could be using Gold team and have a button mapped to a specific key to make "red team move to", another one to make "green team open and clear", etc. So, I'd setup gavpi to recognize these commands and make those actions happen even if I'm not in the same team (red,green, gold).

It can even be done so I can make them wait on zulu (this already works in Swat 4, I can tell "On my signal do X" and they will do it when I give the Go. It works fine but you need to be very clear with long phrases like this)

There could be a long list of new "actions" that could be mapped to keys in the num pad:
*On Zulu* *Team Color* move to, Fall In, Open, Open & Clear, Breach & Clear, Breach & Bang & Clear, etc. There'd be a lot of these, too many keys, but I'm just thinking out loud and asking if it's actually doable with the current SDK...



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