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Windows 10 FPS STUTTERING LAG NEW FIX 2020 - Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield Athena Sword Iron Wrath or other classic retro older games

My Windows 10 PC, no matter what I did I was getting FPS issues and lock ups in Rainbow Six 3. Windows 10 PC wouldn't work no matter what. Until I tried this Borderless Gaming app. It makes the game fullscreen, but is actually in a window. I don't know why but I tried verticle sync settings, enhanced sync and so many things and nothing was working but this app completely fixed my game of all issues and it runs smooth as butter. In addition, in the options menu, don't forget to set your connection speed to T3!

Here is the app: … _setup.exe

1) Open the app
2) Launch your game
3) Alt Tab and check the app and you will see the game has appeared on the left side
4) Move the game to the right side to Favorite it so it always starts using the app
5) Play!

// My Windows 7 PC was fine with performance using my optimization patch available on the forums here. If you want to try this patch as well you can get it from other than that Windows 7 runs the game a lot better.

// If any questions post in #techsupport at | Discord

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