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Early 2020 Updates for Rainbow Six 3

Rainbow Six 3 - Early 2020 Updates

1) Siberian Base 1 - REMOVED 40 or so tangos. Changed alert level of most remaining tangos to the easiest setting which means they are not really paying attention and it gives you few millaseconds more to react before they do. The map should be a lot more playable now.

2) BioLab 2020 Map is 90% Ready, Tomorrow I will do some beta testing. It should be out this weekend Feb 8 2020. [ Terrorists have seized control of a BioLab research facility and tried to weaponize the CoronaVirus ]

3) Cold Storm Part 1 is still under development but is also 90% ready. I can always use more volunteers to help me test, the more tests we do the better. Then I can start Part 2.

4) After these two maps are released, I am still planning on releasing a desert map called Sandstorm which will be focused in Iraq. Our mission will be to infiltrate an ISIS stronghold and capture a leader. This map will be very intense and action packed with ambushing waves of tangos as we progress along the map. Someone would be wise to bring a LMG for support.

Note that I do all of this on my own. It takes time and literally thousands of hours. I want to continue the greatest R6 ever made and provide you guys with content to keep things fresh. If you can spare anything, please visit the donate tab on discord or go to because literally anything helps to keep the servers online. Some of you know by my screenshots I'm poor so keeping these servers up it literally a struggle some months for me which is why they have gone down on occasion.

Please invite friends about our community. Invite them by telling them to go to or TACTICAL-GAMING.NET if its not R6 related either way it redirects them here using our invite url. Spread the word and lets hit 3000 members joined. ALL games.

Watching this community grow over the last 3 years already (wow) has been amazing considering it started with just myself and Spelmo.


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