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Rainbow Six 3 Gold Raven Shield - How to DISABLE Intro Videos

1. Open up your Videos folder for your game

For instance if you have the Steam version you would go to:

C: > Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Rainbow Six 3 > Videos


Raven Shield > Videos

2. Rename Logos.bik to XLogos.

Go into the "int" folder and rename RS_Intro to XRS_Intro

3. Open up Notepad.exe (press Windows key and R to open Run command then just type notepad.exe)
*Keep the content of the Notepad file empty.

4. Go to File > Save As. Choose All Files instead of Text Files.      Type RS_Intro.bik and save.

4a. Then go back to the Videos folder from the int folder and do the same for Logos.bik.

Now when you start your game it will go right to the menu no more pesky albeit awesome at first intro vids!

This should work for Athena Sword as well if you do it to the Athena Sword related files.

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Re: Rainbow Six 3 Gold Raven Shield - How to DISABLE Intro Videos

Or Alternatively, you can watch this video showing you how to do it here:

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