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MMOexp Skull and Bones Silver: 6 Best Ways to Get Silver Coins

In "Skull and Bones," one of the main goals is to amass as much wealth as possible. Silver coins are the game's primary currency, essential for acquiring blueprints, crafting items, and making progress. Here are six of the best ways to accumulate Silver and Skull and Bones Items quickly and efficiently.

1. Main Story and Side Quests
Following the main story and completing side quests is one of the most reliable ways to earn Silver, especially in the early game. After reaching Sainte-Anne and obtaining your first ship, you can choose to explore or continue with missions. Focusing on these missions early on is beneficial as they provide substantial Silver rewards and help you level up.

Main and side missions are marked with distinct icons on the map, allowing you to easily identify and prioritize them. Completing these quests not only rewards you with Silver but also unlocks additional gameplay features and upgrades for your ship.

2. Plundering Ships and Settlements
Engaging in ship combat and plundering settlements are quintessential pirate activities in "Skull and Bones." After acquiring your first ship, target enemy ships that are of the same level or lower to ensure successful engagements. Use your spyglass to scout ships and determine the amount of Silver you'll gain from sinking them.

Be cautious when attacking ships, as it will provoke nearby faction ships and towers. If you're at a low level, avoid attacking ships if multiple enemies are present. Once you reach level four or higher, you can participate in plundering settlements. It's advisable to team up with other players for these raids, as the increased firepower and coordination make the task much easier.

When plundering, you'll face constant battles against faction reinforcements. The strength and number of these reinforcements depend on your hostility level with the faction, displayed on the top right of your screen.

3. Doing Shipwreck Rounds
Scavenging shipwrecks is a great way to find Silver and other valuable items. Shipwrecks are scattered across the map and remain in fixed locations. Zoom in on the map to spot these shipwrecks and sail to them. Use the appropriate Crowbar to force them open and claim your rewards.

The quantity and quality of the loot depend on how well you perform in the associated minigame. Some shipwrecks require higher-tier Crowbars, which you'll need to craft. This method is efficient because you can collect items from shipwrecks while on your way to other objectives, making it a convenient source of Silver.

4. Commodity Sale
Commodities are another significant source of Silver, available both early and late in the game. You can acquire commodities by sinking ships, completing quests, plundering settlements, or scavenging shipwrecks. These items are identified as commodities in your cargo and are generally not used for crafting, making them ideal for sale.

Sell these commodities to Commodity Traders at outposts. The value of commodities varies depending on the faction controlling the outpost, so it's wise to check prices and sell them where you'll get the highest return.

5. Bounty Quests and Job Board
As you progress and reach ship level six or higher, you can take on high-tier jobs from the Job Board or Bounty Quests. These tasks are available early on but typically require higher levels to complete. Bounty Quests involve tracking and defeating specific captains, who are stronger and more resilient than regular enemies.

The Job Board offers a variety of missions, including smuggling and trading. Each task has a time limit, so plan your approach carefully. Ensure your ship is well-stocked with cannonballs and provisions before embarking on these challenging missions.

6. Cutthroat Cargo Event
"Skull and Bones" features optional PvP gameplay, with the Cutthroat Cargo event being a prime example. In this event, you can enable PvP to compete against other players. The objective is to find a Legendary Treasure Map at a specified location within a given time frame.

Once you obtain the map, head to the designated outpost and dig up the treasure while avoiding other players. Successfully completing this event can yield over 9,000 Silver and rare items, making it one of the most lucrative activities in the game.

Accumulating Silver is essential for success in "Skull and Bones." By focusing on main and side quests, engaging in ship combat and plundering, scavenging shipwrecks, selling commodities, undertaking high-tier jobs, and participating in PvP events like Cutthroat Cargo, you can quickly build your Skull and bones items for sale online and become a legendary pirate. Keep these strategies in mind as you navigate the treacherous waters and strive to dominate the high seas.



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