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Although the cover athlete has yet to be announced the fans

There's been no information about Madden 23 available, but there is a chance that a new reveal could be forthcoming. The title for last year was revealed in June with Mut 23 coins a stunning trailer that highlighted new features such as the skills stick and pass rush controls. The trailer came with an announcement of the fact that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson would be the main athlete.

Each year, the fans are left wondering whom will take the place of the Madden cover athlete based on how the previous season went. Being featured on the Madden cover is an uncommon achievement for players, and comes with a bit of mythology. The majority of the players who appear on the covers of Madden have had an unlucky year, which has been referred to as the Madden curse. Yet, Madden 20 model Patrick Mahomes may have put the curse in the past by winning his first Super Bowl after being on the cover.

Although the cover athlete has yet to be announced the fans have shared their thoughts on whom it might be. Wilson's comment that the cover might differ from previous editions does not offer much insight, but opens the door to several possibilities. Maybe this is the year that there are three cover athletes, since Madden has featured a pair of cover athletes for Madden 10. The upcoming cover may be a brand new look for Madden and Madden fans are hoping for a fresh experience after last year's release did not really innovate much.Madden may get a less of a release this year. EA is not yet officially announced the game and hasn't shared many details. It could be that EA is working on making the game better and may also have the chance to announce a major announcement in the near future. There's been a delay with Madden 23's announcement Madden 23 announcement could also be due to buy mut coins madden 23 the pandemic however we are hoping that the reveal will be worth the waiting.



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