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WotLK Classic Feral Druid PVE Guide

Read our wild DPS druid guide and get ready for the classic Wrath of the Lich King!

Cats will do very well in Wrath of the Lich King. They top our WotLK PvE DPS class list thanks to a significant career overhaul. Gone are the days of power shifts. The Cat Game is a hybrid warlock/thief scenario that combines resource management with proper Damage Over Time (DOT) tracking. There's a reason the modus operandi of the cat rotation is called "John Madden". If you master this class, you will do well in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

This wotlk gold guide focuses specifically on the level 80 content and skills. It will be updated throughout the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack as more content is released.

Major new and revamped talents and abilities
Berserker - Your new main talent. It reduces the energy of all skills by 15 seconds, allowing you to play to your heart's content without having to worry too much about concentrating your energy.
Savage Roar - This is essentially a cat form from Thief Slice and Dice.
Ferocious Bite - A massive return to the bonus damage generated by the union buff while no longer consuming all of your energy. A very welcome change.
Wild Attack - Cat - Very useful in any situation that requires a lot of movement.
Rage - Reworked so that you no longer regain energy when going into cat form. This negates the shift in power.
Primal Precision - Both a free source of expertise and a way to reduce the lack of skill penalty.
Rebirth - Now has a 10 minute cooldown.
Revive - You can now be revived out of combat. This isn't an exercise, folks.

Best Talent Builds for Wild DPS Druids in WotLK
There are two different DPS talents for druids in Classic Wrath.

Default DPS build

The table above shows players' talents and sculpts that deal damage 100% of the time.

The table above shows the talents and sculpts for players looking to switch between off-tanking and DPS.

If you're primarily a DPS character, the glyphs will be slightly different than if you're primarily a tank.

Check out our wild tanking guide for more information.

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Wild Druid DPS skill rotation and cooldown
Please note that cat DPS rotation is the most complex rotation in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Wild Druid DPS Cycle - Single Target
When your Energy is below 40, cast Ferocious Tiger's Wrath.
If you have at least 15 seconds of cooldown left, cast Berserk.
Cast Ferocious Roar when you have at least 1 hit point and the buff has expired.
Cast shred if you have clearcasting proc.
When the Rake debuff ends, spend 5 hit points to cast Rake.
When the Rake debuff expires, cast Rake.
When the Mangle debuff expires, cast Mangle (Cat).
Make sure you have enough energy to do all of the above.
When you have enough energy to do all of the above when needed, cast the spell.
Wild Druid DPS Rotation - AOE
This rotation is a bit simpler than a single-goal rotation.

If your Energy is below 40, roll Tiger's Rage.
If you have at least 15 seconds of cooldown left, cast rage.
If you have at least 1 hit point and the buff has expired, cast Ferocious Roar.
If you don't have combo points, throw rake and the garbage bag will survive five slides.
Cast Sweep (Cat) while channeling energy.
Wild Druid DPS cooldown
The non-feral druid specialization doesn't have a large cooldown in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. There are many cats, although not as many as bears.

Berserk is your primary offensive cooldown and greatly increases your damage.
Tiger's Rage is another solid damage cooldown that regenerates 60 energy points. It's high on the rotation priority list for a reason.
Survival Instincts is an awesome "Oh Mist" button for Cats to use.
You still have Innervate to give people mana. This has been redesigned and is no longer based on the spirit of the target. Instead, the target player regains 225% of your base mana. This allows more people to experience the full effects of Innervate. Don't use this if you're actively tanking a boss.



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