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I'm not sure whether the statue of The Old Nite

Based on the claims of activity in his profile after 2006, the internet was abuzz with rumors that he was still alive, but this was also claimed to be the result of RS Gold hackers gaining access temporarily to his account that was locked. Although neither can be proven, this virtual equivalent of a ghost story does reveal a cool aspect of MMORPGs: bits of lore could be uncovered about players who actually play these games.

I'm not sure whether the statue of The Old Nite still exists however it was located near the southern part of the Wilderness (or "Wildy," for short) which is a vast expanse of wasteland located in north that is frequented by animals and player-killers. I've never been to the site to view it. I'm a fool.

One of the biggest weaknesses in RuneScape's game, and it may also be its largest assets, is one found in almost every other MMORPG: sheer longevity. Between the exciting quests and high-octane battles is the endless grinding out of the mundane chores of life such as fishing, mining or cooking in order to improve your skills or earn the credits to Buy RS Gold buy the latest armour or helmet. Gotta make money somehow, right?



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