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MMOEXP : You Must Watch This Elden Ring Badass Absolutely Destroy Bosses

The game is Elden Ring Runes nearly a month old, lots of players have achieved incredible feats in FromSoftware's latest Souls-like. Some have beaten the action role-playing game without ever dying, and others have reached the end credits in less than 30 minutes. What I like watching beyond speedrunners blasting across and through Lands Between, are flashy combat videos. And a Guerrilla Games employee has them in abundance.

SunhiLegend who is a franchise and part of the community team at the Horizon Forbidden West developer, often uploads stylish edits of games such as Devil May Cry 5 and Final Fantasy VII Remake to Twitter. Each video is better than the previous one with SunhiLegend demonstrating his impeccable quality. This is why the videos are being shared widely. SunhiLegend is one of the best at playing games!

This is more evident then in the Elden Ring edits. Since the game's release on February 25, SunhiLegend has posted three videos of them just completely destroying bosses in hard-ass games, including Lesser Crucible Knight and Leonine Misbegotten. However, they're not just mowing down buttons for the win. The SunhiLegend series displays precision and sanity, utilizing top-of-the-line strategies, like constant moves to get through an opponent's guard. It's an exciting look, which is similar to a movie about martial arts.

In this Margit is the Fell Omen fight is particularly fascinating. SunhiLegend starts by walking to avoid Margit's flying swords prior to engaging in battle. The result is a humiliating and astonished ass-whooping. SunhiLegend rolls to dodge a few attacks, and then equips with a shield that can deflect many others, takes some close-quarters sword slashes of his own, and then staggers Margit to deliver the devastating strike, while taking no damage. All told, the fight lasts for a little over 1 minute. It would be embarrassing if I were Margit in this fight, particularly considering that SunhiLegend didn't summon a spirit or any other method!

These videos make me happy because no matter how difficult I try I'll never be as good. I'm calling players online and making use of to play Lone Wolf Ashes to roll with as much backup as possible before entering any boss arena, SunhiLegend shows everyone up with their skills. The way they treat fights as if it's just an ordinary day at work is mind-blowing. I enjoy watching professional cheap Elden Ring Items players show off their skills. If you've not yet taken a look at SunhiLegend. You'll not be disappointed however you may feel a little embarrassed. I know that I feel shame.



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