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Mmoexp POE currency: Budget Atlas Strategy for Leveling and Currency Farming

Budget Atlas Strategy for Leveling and Currency Farming

This strategy emphasizes solo Atlas completion without relying on POE currency purchasing maps. Utilize Orbs of Horizon to fill out your Atlas by completing unexplored maps. Upgrade maps to magic or rare quality whenever possible to increase map drops and sustain your map pool. This method is effective for rapidly gaining Atlas passive points early in the league, accelerating your progression.

Map Sustain Focus: Prioritize completing all normal maps, cheap unique maps, and boss encounters like Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds.

Additional Tips:

Utilize vendor recipes to trade in duplicate maps for higher-tier ones.
Use Orbs of Horizon to change map tiers and unlock unexplored regions.
Take advantage of Kirac's mission system to target uncompleted maps and refresh his offerings.

Alch & Go Atlas Strategy for Low Budget Builds
Once your Atlas is well-established and most maps are completed, transition to an Alch & Go strategy. This involves simply alching maps and running them for loot and sustain, focusing on map mods that enhance item quantity and pack size to maximize returns.

Main Focus: Efficient map completion and sustain with minimal investment.
Recommended Nodes: Shrine and Harbinger for cheap POE currency additional buffs and currency drops, Expedition for fast currency farming.


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